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Let its flame captivate you and fall under its perfume’s spell. Let go with melt my heart… Surrender yourself to soft caresses and sweet caramel kisses.

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– It doesn’t burn! The natural ingredients melt at a low temperature.

– Coconut oil and sweet almond, hydrate and take care of your skin.

– It doesn’t contain wax! Non-sticky texture to keep your pores clean.

– Edible! Delicious flavors that turn you into the best dessert..

– Double use: They fill the room with a delicious scent and melt into an irresistible massage oil.

– Cotton Candlewick: No stains or unpleasent smells .

– You’ll enjoy all of it! Everything melts homogeneously.

– Its airtight lid preserves the perfumes for a longer time.

– Playful on the senses: stimulates touch, taste and smell.

– 100% Natural Ingresdients. 100% Vegan. 0% Parabens.

– Made in Spain.


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