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Classic Dildos

Classic dildos have been around since people first realized how amazing sex can feel. Streamlined for perfect form and pure pleasure, these phallus-shaped toys fit any anatomy and works for any play – vaginal, anal, and sensory.

Plain yet distinguished, these toys are an ideal example of “less is more.” Their sleek, simple design is complemented by enhanced textures and features – bulbous heads, nubs, swirls, ribs, and more – to deliver delicious sensations.

Our classic range of dildos is also available in an array of colours to suit your temperament. Made with high-grade silicone, you will surely not go wrong with one of these in your bedside drawer.


Classic Dildos

Willy Dildo | Malesation


Butt Plugs & Anal Beads

Robbie Dildo Small | MALESATION