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Kegel Balls – The Unkeepable Secret!

Kegel Balls, The Unkeepable Secret

Hi Lovers, I am happy to see you here, reading about how to make your love life lovelier…

Whether you are coupled, throupled, playing at home, around or alone, let’s talk about how things can get better, or even better. I promised you a post on Kegel exercises and Kegel Balls (Ben-Wa Balls), so here we go!


Your Kegel muscles, aka Pubococcygeus Muscles, (I love spell-check so much!) form a sort of sling from the front to the back of your genital area. It is a misconception that toning those muscles is only for new moms or the elderly; women and men of every age can benefit enormously. Yes, men should do Kegels too, even if only for the longer, stronger, more lasting erections.

Yes, you heard me right! But this post is focusing on the help us girls can get, from Ben-Wa Balls, or Kegel Balls, that do the work for us, while making us feel am-a-zing!

Ladies, with tighter Kegel muscles you can experience more frequent and earth-moving orgasms. Or, perhaps experience orgasms for the very first time? They are so easy to use, you just lube them up and pop them up, and then all you feel this kind of internal jiggle, felt from the internal weights that oscillate and cause the muscles to clench and relax around them with every movement. It’s in science. Take my personal word for it: they work.

AND using them internally during the day merely for sexual stimulation, or using them during sex, proves that they are also a mind-blowing sex toy!

Plus, as you get older stronger Kegel muscles also support your bladder and bowel function. I know that ‘aging’ is not a sexy topic, but honey we are all aging daily so let’s work with it! Personally, I’d like to feel confident during sex even when I am an old bat, and a tiny pee during intercourse is just not sexy. But OK, you are probably not worried about that now, so let’s get on with the fun stuff!


  • They make you stronger.
  • Kegel Balls make you sexier.
  • They even make you look good, by keeping you vibrant.
  • You can use them on your own, to feel hella good for no reason
  • You can use them during sex, to knock those orgasms out of the park.



  • Kegel Balls are available in two basic designs: single-ball and double-ball.
  • Start small, with an appropriately sized ball weighted for your current pelvic floor strength.
  • Buy only balls made of quality, phthalate-free materials.
  • Be sure to have ones that are easy to clean.


Your Kegel muscles are like any other muscles. If it was your first time in the gym would you head straight for the 30K weights? Same here: short, regular training sessions earn the best results.

A fantastic starter-workout comes in the form of the SMARTBALL UNO!  Just one perfect sphere, it is the easy-to-use beginners’ Kegel training device, at a petite 70grams. Hypoallergenic and waterproof, it is the perfect little package for everyday exercising.

Use for two 15-minute sets daily, for 2-3 months. After that, we progress the strengthening with a duo-ball set.

You are now ready for the pleasure a pair of little double-jigglers will induce, with the TRAINBALLS BREEZE DUO KEGEL BALLS. Perfect for everyday pelvic exercise, with two weights of 30g each. Inserting 2 weights is a new feeling, but so quick and easy, I promise.

Always remember to make liberal use of a water-based lubricant. And also, keep your balls clean and dry when not in use. (lol)

When you have been doing your exercises for a few months, you can say hello to my little friend.

The 7cm AMI PLUS ADVANCED KEGEL TRAINER is an advanced Kegel aid, but so silky soft and comfy you can’t believe it is a work-out weight! Although it is so pretty you almost don’t want to hide it away, it packs a powerful punch when it comes to toning your sweet nether regions.

You can actually cover all the basis with the LELO LUNA INTERCHANGEABLE BEADS. These combine a beginner’s winner, with the freedom of variation as the comes with 2 different weighted balls. They also offer a Classic for ladies over 30 who think they need help, or those recently given birth, who know they do!

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If I promised you that something super-easy could give you a great sex life right now, and also keep you looking younger, longer, carrying your sexual health and vibrancy with you wherever you go, would you do it?

Then do it, girl, order right now!

And don’t forget to comment or write directly, we love to hear from you!

Much love and sweet stuff

Irit Noble

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