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Fleshlight Beginners Guide


NEW TO FLESHLIGHTS? TAKE THE PLUNGE WITH THIS BEGINNER’S MANUAL! Guys, if you have ever thought women get all the good stuff when it comes to sex toys, we have great news for you. Introducing… the Fleshlight. Fleshlights are perfect for simply enhancing masturbation and, taking it a step further, it is the best item […]

Cock Rings. The Complete Guide

How To Use A Cock Ring

How To Use A Cock Ring You may have heard about cock rings, also known as penis rings, but do you know how they can improve your sex life? They really can pump up your performance and take your pleasures to a new level. A cock ring sits at the base of your penis and […]

How To Use A Vibrator?

How To Use A Vibrator

So you’re a vibrator virgin, unsure how to use a vibrator and have decided that so many other people can’t be wrong and its time to embrace this mind-blowing technology! Fantastic news. We were all in your position at one point before we worked out how to up our masturbation game. Let’s ensure that you […]

Why Prostrate Massage Is So Damn Good, And How To Do It Right! Hitting That P-Spot

Prostate Massage

Any of you gentlemen in the mood for a massage? And by that, I mean a prostate massage. Another benefit to being born with a penis is that you have a Prostate, aka the P-spot. Downside: it’s up your butt. Upside: it is the equivalent of the female G-spot… which makes it SO worthwhile to get […]

Pegging The Ins And Outs: Get In There, Girl


Hi Lovers, I am so glad we are all on the same page. Really, if you are here it means that you are down with finding new ways to dive into safe, sexy, explorative adventures. So let’s get right in there with today’s pointed question… What is pegging? And then 3 more questions: What a […]

Erectile Dysfunction. Hard-On Hacks For Great Sex


Hi Lovers, hope all is well in your world… Listen, we are about to touch on a sensitive subject and if it hits a nerve, please just strap in. Or strap on, or whatever you like. Ok here goes. Sometimes, men can’t get erect. That’s it. That’s all. Nothing more hectic than that, although I […]

How To Seduce That Aries: Wham, Bam, Thank You Ram.

How To Seduce That Aries

Born March 21 – April 19 Symbol: The Flying Ram Ruled by: Mars Sexy thumbs up: Libra, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini Not so much: Cancer, Capricorn Hi Lovers, how’s your year going so far? As 2019 Marches on we welcome another astro-sign into the calendar: hi Aries, how you doing? Aries men and women are sometimes […]

Booty Camp: Butt Plugs For Beginners.

Booty Camp: Butt Plugs For Beginners

Hello lovers… and let’s jump right into it. Anal sex. Tee-hee. Butt plugs. Hehe. Yes, it’s ok to have a little giggle, because there is no sweet, romantic way to talk about sexing in the ass. How’s your sweet backside doing in the anal department? Had anything up there lately, or ever? Perhaps you have […]

How To Seduce The Aquarius Man

How To Seduce The Aquarian Male

Born January 21 – February 19 The Water-Bearer: semi-clad guy emptying a jug of water onto the Earth Ruled by Uranus: the planet of experimentation Sexy thumbs up: Gemini, Leo, Libra Not so much: Taurus, Scorpio Hello Lovers, Having a good January? I love this month, and I hope it is power-packed with positive resolve […]

Travelling With Sex Toys? Here’s What You Need To Know

Travelling With Sex Toys

Hi Lovers, hope your holiday season is a sexy one so far! Are you traveling at all, over this time? And are you going anywhere sexy… or somewhere that you would like to make sexy? Being away from home may bring out the adventuress in you and having your sex toys should be part of the […]

Kegel Balls – The Unkeepable Secret!

Kegel Balls, The Unkeepable Secret

Hi Lovers, I am happy to see you here, reading about how to make your love life lovelier… Whether you are coupled, throupled, playing at home, around or alone, let’s talk about how things can get better, or even better. I promised you a post on Kegel exercises and Kegel Balls (Ben-Wa Balls), so here we […]