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Strap-on Guide. Strap me Up!

Strap-On Guide Blog Heading

Strap-on Guide; Strap me Up! Finding your perfect harness. From the bathhouses of Pompeii- to behind the paper-thin screens of bedrooms in Japan, artefacts have been found through the centuries showing all of the innovative ways people have enjoyed uhm… getting their peg on with a strap on. As we live in more ironically tight-lipped […]

Sex Toys: The Ultimate Guide

Sex Toys: The Ultimate Guide

Today, sex toys have become a hot topic as the world is slowly becoming a place that is more accepting of the different genders or sexual preferences people identify or experiment with. It’s all thanks to the efforts of the thousands advocating for the rights of each and every individual to be who they want […]

Anal Sex Toys: A Beginners Guide

Anal Sex Toys: A Beginners Guide

This anal sex toys beginners guide will give you the A – Z on anal sex and how anal sex toys will play such an important – and orgasmic – role in your sex life. We’re going to cover: What anal sex really is, if it’s as good as they say and if it’s as […]

Anal Beads: A Beginners Guide

Anal Beads: A Beginners Guide

This how-to guide on anal beads for beginners will give you the ins and outs of all you need to know on how to get started with this beadazzling toy.  It’s common for people to feel a bit creeped out or nervous at first about putting something foreign into their butt, but once you learn […]

19 Sex Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life in 2019 And Beyond!

19 Sex Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Let’s cut to brass tacks: No matter how many sex tips you’ve tried and tested or how good you might believe you are in the sack — owing to the many moans/grunts of approval and satisfying cigarettes shared after your carnal activities of course — what you probably know is just the “tip” of the […]

How To Use A Vibrator?

How To Use A Vibrator

So you’re a vibrator virgin, unsure how to use a vibrator and have decided that so many other people can’t be wrong and its time to embrace this mind-blowing technology! Fantastic news. We were all in your position at one point before we worked out how to up our masturbation game. Let’s ensure that you […]

Pegging The Ins And Outs: Get In There, Girl


Hi Lovers, I am so glad we are all on the same page. Really, if you are here it means that you are down with finding new ways to dive into safe, sexy, explorative adventures. So let’s get right in there with today’s pointed question… What is pegging? And then 3 more questions: What a […]

May Masturbation Month: Feel Free To Do You, Boo!

May Masturbation Month: Feel Free To Do You, Boo!

Hooray, it’s May! An entire month dedicated to touching myself. I’m thrilled to my tiniest bits. Of course, this is actually a year-round trend for me already, but if YOU feel you need permission, you just found it! If you have any limitations to the thought that you are 100% allowed to diddle your sweet […]

10 Top Reasons Sex Toys Make You A Fantastic Lover

10 Top Reasons Sex Toys Make You A Fantastic Lover

Hello Lovers, how’re tricks? I have a question for you: do you consider yourself to be good in bed? I know, it’s like asking anyone if they think they have good taste or a good sense of humour – we can’t really answer for ourselves, we have to take other people’s reaction as the genuine […]

10 Healthy, Positive Reasons For Women Of All Ages To Use Sex Toys.

sex toys for women

In this modern, tech-driven, woke world, it is hard to believe that there are still stigmas and myths surrounding sex toys for women. In my opinion, the only thing that should surround a sex toy is some happy part of you! Remember that sex toys were invented to cure women of what doctors in the […]

How To Seduce That Taurus: Sexy Style And Romantic Opulence

How To Seduce That Taurus

Born:  April 20 – May 20 Symbol: The Bull Ruled by: Venus Sexy thumbs up: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces Not so much: Leo, Aquarius   Hi Lovers, hope things are good in your world today… Looking to tie down a sexy bull, zodiacal speaking? Let’s do it! Taurus is ruled by Venus, often referred to as […]

Comedian, Irit Noble, Reviews The Crazy For You Bullet Vibrator.

Irit Noble

Hello Lovers, hope your day is vibing along nicely… And for any of you who are lovers of bullet vibes who may have been wishing to take it up a notch or 10, you should try the 5O SHADES FREED CRAZY FOR YOU BULLET VIBRATOR. I did, and I tell you it was the best work […]