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Strap-on Guide. Strap me Up!

Strap-On Guide Blog Heading

Strap-on Guide; Strap me Up! Finding your perfect harness. From the bathhouses of Pompeii- to behind the paper-thin screens of bedrooms in Japan, artefacts have been found through the centuries showing all of the innovative ways people have enjoyed uhm… getting their peg on with a strap on. As we live in more ironically tight-lipped […]

Sex Toys: The Ultimate Guide

Sex Toys: The Ultimate Guide

Today, sex toys have become a hot topic as the world is slowly becoming a place that is more accepting of the different genders or sexual preferences people identify or experiment with. It’s all thanks to the efforts of the thousands advocating for the rights of each and every individual to be who they want […]

The Ins And Outs Of Poppers.

The ins and outs of poppers

WHAT’S POPPING? Let’s face it, if anything makes you feel good, it’s probably a little bad for you… Although classified as a “drug” these stimulants are largely legal in South Africa and if used responsibly can be a wonderful addition to your bedroom bliss. We have made a guide for you to understand the benefits […]

Anal Sex Toys: A Beginners Guide

Anal Sex Toys: A Beginners Guide

This anal sex toys beginners guide will give you the A – Z on anal sex and how anal sex toys will play such an important – and orgasmic – role in your sex life. We’re going to cover: What anal sex really is, if it’s as good as they say and if it’s as […]

Anal Beads: A Beginners Guide

Anal Beads: A Beginners Guide

This how-to guide on anal beads for beginners will give you the ins and outs of all you need to know on how to get started with this beadazzling toy.  It’s common for people to feel a bit creeped out or nervous at first about putting something foreign into their butt, but once you learn […]

Sex Toys for Men: A Beginners Guide

Sex Toys For Men: A Beginners Guide

Sex toys for men have become increasingly more popular over the years. For the longest time, these pleasurable little devices were seen as only used by women. Although this may be how sex toys (like the first-ever electric vibrator) first came about, we are long past women being the only ones who get to enjoy […]

Bondage: The Ultimate Guide

Bondage The Ultimate Guide

Nothing like a bit of bondage to ignite your inner kink and get those juices flowing. If this is something that is new to you, it may conjure up images of heavy BDSM encompassing whips, chains and maybe even testicle clamps administered by Eurotrip’s Madame Vandersexxx — with a safe word such as “fluggaenkdechioebolsen”. Or […]

Vibrators: Choosing The Right “Vibe” For Good Vibrations All The Time!

Vibrators which one is for you

Today, there are plenty of vibrators to choose from when you’re looking to get your buzz on, but finding the right “vibe” for you, your partner or both of you can sometimes take you deep, deep down the proverbial rabbit hole. Not to fret, though, as we’ve created a comprehensive product guide — that even […]

Dildos: 7 Key Considerations To Finding Your Perfect Phallic Friend

Dildos: 7 Key Considerations

Ah, dildos, man’s/women’s best friend! Recognised as the “original sex toy”, they have been providing humankind with pleasure since way back in the Stone Ages – the earliest of these ancient tools dating back to some 30,000 years ago. Today, the phalluses on the market come in an overwhelming variety that can often make finding […]

Fleshlight: Ultimate Beginners Guide To Pleasure


The ‘Fleshlight’, making your masturbation dreams come true circa 1998.  If you’ve ever thought that women get all the deliciously naughty options when it comes to sex toys, then you’ve missed the boat on one of the most popular male masturbators around.  It seems the ever admired dildo is often the talk of the town, […]

Cock Rings. The Complete Guide

How To Use A Cock Ring

How To Use A Cock Ring You may have heard about cock rings, also known as penis rings, but do you know how they can improve your sex life? They really can pump up your performance and take your pleasures to a new level. A cock ring sits at the base of your penis and […]

How To Use A Vibrator?

How To Use A Vibrator

So you’re a vibrator virgin, unsure how to use a vibrator and have decided that so many other people can’t be wrong and its time to embrace this mind-blowing technology! Fantastic news. We were all in your position at one point before we worked out how to up our masturbation game. Let’s ensure that you […]