Olivia Grey

South Africa’s Favourite Adult Store

Olivia Grey is a premium and discreet online adult toy and accessory store, deliberately built for a breathtaking online shopping experience that’s secure, easy & fast. The perfect place to buy all of your sex toys.

Our Story….

The idea to open Olivia Grey started in 2014, on the day we went (guess what) shopping for some sexy toys.

We had spotted a local sex toy shop in Cape Town and thought it would be awesome to check it out and see what made us go ‘zing’. We were excited, anticipating a fun and sexy hour of shopping. Instead, we high-tailed it back out of there almost immediately! From the dust covering the shelves to the disinterred salesman, the atmosphere was just downright seedy and made us instantly uncomfortable and turned off.

I come from the UK, with female-centric sex shops in every high street, so I wanted to re-create this kind of shopping experience for ourselves and others like us.

And here it is!

We love our work. We are in the best business around: serving happiness and orgasms! Everyone deserves love AND a joyful, hot, healthy sex life. As humans, we need touch, stimulation, and satisfaction. Sex is not only a method of reproduction, right? It is also a bonding experience that enhances all the good in our relationships, is a tool for growth, and helps us to celebrate the joy in our relationships.

That is why Nick calls himself a Satisfaction Agent. Kind of like the adult Father Xmas and we are here for it!

Having an online shop is our way of giving you a space to hang out in, at your literal leisure, and discreetly. Plus, you don’t have to walk around with your goodies in a bag. Far better to have them hand-delivered to your door!

We are often asked if we have tried all the products ourselves, and the answer is (unfortunately) not. If we did, we wouldn’t have time to work! Plus, we all have our own tastes… as you can see by our wide range.

And yes, we do get people asking for pervy pictures, and other requests, but for the most part we have 99% of customers who are open-minded and curious to learn more about their sexuality. We love connecting with others who understand that using sex toys and accessories can be a healthy and frankly awesome part of life.

Help us help you, by snuggling up with your partner, or in your own privacy, and having a look around the site. Totally discrete. Just you, checking out all the sex toys we have personally selected for you to luxuriate over. All our products are chosen based on quality (your body deserves the best) and sexability (again, your body deserves the best).

And we deliver speedily all over SA. Just saying.

So that’s our story, and we would love to hear yours! Please reach out to us at any time.



‘If You Love What You Do, You’ll Never Work A Day In Your Life.’

Photo by She Wolf Photography